Stop smoking with gurah therapy, Indonesian herbal

Stop Smoking Now !!
I was 12 years old has been addicted to cigarettes. parents allow smoking as long as I want to go to school.

After 11 years of smoking, I was getting fed up tired and fed up with cigarettes. One way that I take to quit smoking is a therapeutic method gurah, before that I do not eat rice fasting for about 2 years old.

In my heart I say, when I can withstand fasting rice for 2 years why can not I stop smoking? I finally decided to eat the rice and the same day I quit smoking.

then, for this method gurah therapy using natural ingredients from the herbs one of which is "Mrica". for side effects of these natural remedies, if the body is in a state not fit do not ever try. Later will make the body susceptible to catching colds, etc..

Nose Gurah therapy.

This treatment method is by way of a special concoction of water poured into the nostrils. After the mixture was water flowing down to his chest, the patient must take the prone position to facilitate the discharge of mucus and phlegm dirty.

Dewatering process is the maximum gross phlegm runs about 30 minutes to 1 hour.The extent of sputum that comes out depends on the health of the patient.

Drinking Gurah therapy

Gurah therapy nose was a little sore, but its effect can be felt immediately. One example, for smokers maniacs will not taste the delicious smoked again once completed in gurah nose.
Yet, for which there is no spare time or fear of pain gurah nose, can try another solution, namely Therapy Gurah Drink. With gurah not drink mucus out through the nose, but through the mouth like when phlegm.

The rest will break down and dirty mucus out with sweat, and feces of art.Another benefit of therapy is gurah: Adding powerful and melodious voice, reduces cigarette addiction, cure cough and shortness of breath, refresh the mind, reduce body odor smell, cure chronic runny nose (sinusitis), migraine and others.

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